Street art has become a popular form of expression in cities around the world. From graffiti to paste-ups, street art has taken many shapes and forms.

 It often serves as a way to express one’s feelings, views and ideas on the public canvas that is the city streets. This type of art is becoming increasingly creative and innovative, with artists pushing boundaries and experimenting with new mediums. Here are five of the most creative street art ideas you may find out there!


1. Digital Graffiti  

Digital graffiti is an innovative form of street art that combines digital technology with traditional spray painting techniques. The artist creates a design in a digital application such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and then prints it onto a special adhesive coated vinyl material. This vinyl can then be stuck onto any surface, allowing for incredibly detailed pieces to be created without the mess of spray paint or worry about weathering over time. Digital graffiti looks great on walls, traffic barriers and even floors!


2. Light Graffiti

 Light graffiti is similar to digital graffiti but uses actual light sources instead of a printed image. These lights can be from anything from flashlights or lasers to sparklers or lighters wrapped in colored tissue paper, creating beautiful images and designs when photographed in darkness. Like digital graffiti, this type of artwork can last much longer than traditional spray paint-based work due to its waterproofed nature.


3. Spray Paint Stencils 

 Spray paint stencils are one of the more common forms of street art but don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t creative works! Street artists use intricate stencils cut out of cardboard or other materials to create incredible images quickly and effectively while avoiding the hassle associated with free-hand painting large surfaces with spray paint cans.


4. 3D Street Art 

3D street art adds another layer to traditional 2D street pieces by incorporating actual physical elements into the artwork itself instead of just relying on perspective tricks or optical illusions like standard 2D pieces do alone. The Art investing is good way to promote exclusive exhibitions and events. This type of artwork often involves placing objects like stones, toys, plant pots or furniture directly onto the surface where it will be painted in order to create extremely realistic scenes that almost look like they are popping out from their own two dimensional plane!


5. Interactive Street Art

 Interactive street art is becoming more popular due to its ability for people to truly engage with it rather than just view it passively like with other forms such as spray painting murals or tagging walls etc… With interactive pieces such as those made by artist JR qui involve surrounding community members posing while being photographed by JR through his signature lensless camera technique which he later pastes larger than life back up on public walls – viewers have an opportunity not only to look at these pieces but also take part in their creation too!


These five unique kinds of street art offer something different no matter where you go – whether it’s London Paris New York City Tokyo Cape Town Los Angeles Rio de Janeiro – each city providing its own unique flavor when it comes down to creative expression via public spaces! From digital interactivity & 3D illusionary effects through laser light shows & stencil spray paint there’s no shortage of ways for artists today to push boundaries & make their mark on urban culture worldwide!  Whether it’s reinforcing positive messages or taking a stance against injustice & inequality – street art has been used time & time again as an outlet for people looking to make their voice heard & show appreciation for the beauty found within everyday urban life all over the world!